No More Homework Headaches

I once saw a kid perform the most incredible dead-weight drop on top of his homework. He flopped over, completely immobilized by his math homework. Unwilling to move, his mother pleaded with him in quick, slightly hysterical tones, "but you have to get your work done before practice! Honey! You can do this math, I know you can. You are so good in math."

You can imagine where this went. Mom tried to prop him up. Mom pleaded and begged. Mom, of course, got nowhere fast. This kid had total control by doing absolutely nothing! Probably even figured he could get his mom to grab the pencil and do the work for him.

Instead of engaging in an argument over homework just put a Love and Logic® encforceable statement to work for you. "I'm happy to help you with that homework when you're sitting up and ready to work." Now you may have to say this a few times. And your child may have to miss practice. And you may have to leave the room to ensure that you stop nagging. You may even have to do this for a few days in a row but it's certainly worth a try! For more tips on ending the homework battle contact me for private sessions at

Go To Bed Sleepy Head

I was having so much trouble getting my three-year old son to bed.  He was really working the system, trying every trick in the book.  I was at my wits end because he was waking his baby sister and causing a huge problem at naptime AND at bedtime.

The implementation of the ideas you gave me at our private session has gone GREAT!  I have not met nearly as much resistance as I thought I would.  We have definitely had a lot of uh-oh time, two big flip outs, one at bedtime and one at naptime.  Luckily, neither of them were as severe or as long as I thought they would have been.  No more than 15 minutes. Sander has been telling me a lot the past couple of days how much he loves me and that I'm his favorite friend.  I feel so relieved. And, I am pretty sure you have magical powers!

Missy, Mom of Two and a Graduate of Becoming a Love and Logic® Parent, Early Childhood

Get Connected

Healthy relationships are the foundation of building strong families.  And building a relationship isn't hard, in fact it should be fun!   Just take a few minutes to really connect with your children.  Find something that you both enjoy.  Watch a tv show together, share a book, play a game (video & apps count!), figure out who can make the funniest face, shoot baskets, pull out some old family photos and reminisce.  Kids don't just want our attention, they want a deep connection. It is through these connections that happy, healthy and long-lasting relationships are built.

I am often asked about Sibling Rivalry.  How can we foster that connection between siblings?  As parents, we devise a plan.  We uncover what they both like to do.  We create family memories like playing 'make-your-own-rules volleyball' at the park.  Or baking cookies in the kitchen.  We provide opportunities for siblings to connect.  And don't choose the ball-field it they are both competitive baseball players, choose something that puts them on a more level playing field.  Bike rides, family nature walks or just discovering a new place together can build a connection.

Relationships serve as the building blocks that help us raise more responsible, accountable and fun children.  So take a minute today to connect through smiles and hugs and shared interests.

Mother's Day in the Mountains

Mark your calendars!  May 11-13, 2012.   Join me at the YMCA's Camp Harrison for a mother/daughter weekend.  Onsite seminars will feature excerpts from Becoming a Love and Logic Parent®, facilitated by Wendy Petricoff.  Gather in a relaxed environment to either refresh your parenting skills or learn some new ones!  You and your daughter(s) will drink in nature's beauty as you hike, ride horses, try the ropes course or relax in a yoga class.   Click here for more information.

Are French Parents REALLY Better?

Well, we all read about the 'Tiger Mom' and we know that cultural differences certainly exist when it comes to parenting.  So check out this article by Pamela Druckerman, an American mom living in Paris.  She shares her insights into the way that the French parent.  We Americans can pick up a few tips about setting expectations and becoming loving authority figures for our kids.  What is a loving authority figure?  Someone who is not afraid to set limits with their children but does so without anger, lectures or threats!  Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  You can learn to become a loving authority figure in your home with a Love and Logic® workshop.

Does Your Teen Have A Messy Room?

Is the color of their carpet just a distant memory?  Is their clean laundry heaped beneath piles of dirty socks and shirts?  Sue Shellenbarger from the Wall Street Journal tackles this foul dilemma faced by parents everywhere.  "Clean Your Room...Or Else" is a look at what works and what doesn't work with those disorganized, uber-messy teens.  You'll even find Love and Logic® solutions provided by Jim Fay!  Give it a read.

'Living Graciously with the Chronically Rude'

I just finished Dr. Wendy Mogel's new book, The Blessing of a B-.  It is an insightful, humorous and wise look at raising teenagers in our modern world.  The best line in the book?  Oh, it has to be a subheading:  Learning to Live Graciously with the Chronically Rude!  I think every parent needs a guide to help navigate the stormy waters of rude teenagers.  Wouldn't we all love to know just what to say when our 15 year old tells us to 'stick it'?  Or how to handle the infuriating rolling-of-eyes and snide 'whatever Mom'?  If you live with a chronically rude teenager and need answers asap join me for the upcoming Teens & Tweens Love and Logic® workshop.  Click here for more information and to register.

Winter 2012 Workshops Announced

Join me for a four week workshop geared to teach you the Love and Logic® tools you need to help put the fun back in parenting. There is something for everyone...Early Childhood and Teen/Tween classes are scheduled for the Winter.  Registration for upcoming classes will begin on December 15.  Filled with laughter and lots of real-life stories, the Becoming A Love and Logic Parent® workshop is certain to entertain and educate.  For more information click on workshop details.

My Boys 'Drained My Energy' and it was Awesome!

I had my "energy drained" and it was amazing, both boys got their own waters for dinner, cleared the table entirely and cleaned up spills, put food back in the pantry and fridge tonight! They rocked!  They felt great and we had more time for stories because they even tidied up their rooms without me asking!  I truly felt that I was on another planet.
I loved your class and hope it can springboard me into great days, weeks and years to come with these high energy boys that sometimes rule my family.
Michelle, Mom of Two Young Boys