Let Charlotte Parenting Solutions Help You to Become a Calm, Confident & Credible Parent.

Imagine how great it would feel to have a plan when it comes to raising your kids. Well, that's just what we do together. Create a customized plan with parenting tools that you can actually FEEL GOOD about using! My goal is to help you simplify and focus on a few behaviors at a time.

I want you to master the art of the 3 C's, calm, confident & credible. We'll take it step by step so you can enjoy all the wonderful moments of parenthood. When we work together you will:

  • Notice that all members of your family will be less stressed
  • Crave more family time
  • Build lifelong, healthy relationships with your kids
  • Raise responsible kids without squashing their spirits
  • Feel GREAT about the tools you are using!

I'd like to connect with on a complimentary 30 minute phone call. Just click HERE to schedule and we'll get you on the path to calm, confident and credible! You'll love how it feels!

Don't Miss Dr. Wendy Mogel!

Renowned child psychologist, and NY Times best-selling author Wendy Mogel is coming to the Queen City on January 11th and 12th, 2012!  Tickets are available at Joined In Education.org.  This event is sure to be standing room only.  Featured in the thought provoking movie, "Race to Nowhere", Wendy Mogel is a well-regarded voice when it comes to timely parenting issues.  Dr. Mogel has written The Blessing of a Skinned Knee and The Blessing of a B Minus. Don't miss this terrific opportunity.

Fall Classes Just Announced

Do your kids out-argue you?  Are you worn out at the end of the day from dealing with your children?  Then this workshop is for you!  Join me for a four week class geared to teach you the Love and Logic® tools you need to help put the fun back in parenting. There is something for everyone...Early Childhood and Teen/Tween classes are scheduled for the Fall.  Registration for upcoming classes will begin on August 1st.  For more information click on workshop details.

Homework Helpers

Back to school means lazy days quickly change into stressed-filled afternoons with piles of homework, sports practice and piano lessons.  How do we manage it all?  How do we get our kids to do their homework without pulling our hair out?  Love and Logic® teaches us not to tackle our kids at the door and pepper them with questions about their homework immediately.  Give kids a chance to unwind and let them feel like they have some control by giving them a few choices.

  • Would you like to do your homework now or get started in 30 minutes?
  • Would you rather start with math or spelling?
  • Would you like a snack before you begin or while you’re working?

If they can’t make a choice on their own, then it’s time for you to make the decision for them.  “Oh, that’s too bad. Well, looks like I’ll have to make this decision for you, let’s start with spelling today. “

If your kids really have a difficult time getting started, employ an enforceable statement.  Let them know what you WILL DO when their homework is complete.   For example, I love to give treats to kids who finish their homework. Or, I am happy to drive kids to soccer practice when their homework is complete.  Just make sure you can follow through!

Sit down with your child two or three times a week and take interest in their work.  If they bring home a poor grade on a paper or a test, don’t dwell on it.  Be empathetic and ask them how they got certain answers right.  As a parent, it is your job to focus on their strengths and encourage them to get help when needed.  It is not your job to fix every deficiency!



School's Out for the Summer!

Here are some tips to help you survive!

1. They leave their stuff ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Don’t discuss the grave error of your child’s ways.  Let them know that you’ll be happy to pick anything up that’s on the floor when dinnertime rolls around.  Be sure to keep whatever you pick up.  And hey, those kids can do chores to earn their shoes back, can’t they?

2.  “But why Mom?  It’s not fair?”

When kids try to drag you into an argument, just tell them calmly, “I love you too much to argue”.   Repeat as necessary.

3. “Mom, I’m Bored!”

Great!  Act excited and keep a list of chores handy that kids can do when they complain of boredom!  You’ll put an end to that complaint quick.

4. Wanna keep your Cool?

The more you warn your kids, the more fun the misbehavior becomes for them.  And, the more your anger escalates.  Drop the warnings, talk less, take action!

5. Need More Help?

Call or e-mail me with your specific questions!




Handle Your Kids Without Breaking a Sweat, Summer Reading

Do you want to be able to handle your kids this Summer without breaking a sweat?  Pick up a copy of Parenting with Love and Logic® by Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay.  You'll learn great techniques to help you avoid arguing with your kids, teach them responsibility and actually put the fun back into parenting!  Easy to read and implement, Parenting with Love and Logic® actually puts the words right into your mouth and provides you with a script to handle those pesky, daily parenting challenges.  Try this one on for size, when your child tries to draw you into an argument, use this famous one-liner from Love and Logic®, "I love you too much to argue".  Have fun with it!  For more information on local Love and Logic workshops visit www.charlotteparentingsolutions.com.

3 Golden Rules for Great Behavior

Check out 3 Golden Rules for Great Behavior from Parents Magazine written by Nancy Rones.  Nancy, a mother of a six year-old son and an eight year-old daughter is always looking for healthy ways to raise her own kids.  A graduate of Becoming a Love and Logic® Parent workshop, Nancy shares some great thoughts and insights in her latest article in Parents Magazine.  http://www.parents.com/kids/discipline/strategies/good-behavior-tips/


Mom and Dad,  Here's a newsflash.  All those warnings, lectures and threats you zing at your kids usually fall on deaf ears.  Want to raise the compliance level of your kids?  Drop the warnings, drop the lectures and definitely drop the threats.  Go straight to the consequences!  Don't wait until you are ready to lose your cool and your child's behavior has escalated.  It's difficult, I know.  We are pre-programmed to warn our kids...whether it's counting to three or just repeating yourself over and over.  It's okay to bite your tongue.  It's okay to change your location.  Instead of using a doppler warning system, use an enforceable statement or lay on some empathy followed by a consequence.  Put together a plan for a specific behavior and give it a try!

Dear Wendy,

Have a parenting question that just can't wait?  Looking for parenting advice in all the wrong places?  Need a quick answer? E-mail me with your most pressing parenting questions and I'll do my best to respond!  I'll even post it right here on my blog AND on the South Charlotte Macaroni Kid's website.  Why, you'll be helping parents all over town!   wendypetricoff@gmail.com