Brownies or Chocolate Chip Cookies? You Guys Decide.

If you have more than one kid, you probably have sibling issues. Parents ask me all the time, how do we help create a loving, lasting relationship between siblings. My answer: “Brownies or chocolate chip cookies. You guys decide.”

What we want to do as parents is to create positive interactions between our children. It’s our job to help them find ways to work together and build their relationship. In my house that means sweets. I know my kids agree on sugar-filled treats. You can bet that they argue over WHICH sugar-filled treat to make…but they always seem to find a solution. Then we get to bake together. And everybody loves the end game.

Sibling relationships can be complex. We’ve got to lay the groundwork. Here’s a few steps in the right direction:

Share memories: Look back at old photos and videos. Talk about things they did when they were younger. Reminisce about family vacations and funny, sweet stories. Help them build on those positive memories.

Talk about your own siblings: Tell your kids what it was like growing up with Aunt Lisa. Did you get into scrapes together? Or try to trick the babysitter? Don’t forget to model good behavior when you are around your siblings. And if you do fight (I’m guilty!) show your kids that you can make up and move on.

Create positive interactions: Look for opportunities for ‘teambuilding’. Kids vs. parents in a fort building contest, tennis match or pillow fight. When they are old enough let them (safely) explore together whether it’s the woods behind the house or while you are on vacation.

Charge kids with compliments: Before things turn ugly nip it in the bud and ask kids to give their sibling a compliment. You may have to give them some prompts, but get in the practice of saying nice things about each other, even if they are funny or silly. A sense of humor goes a long way.

Teach problem solving skills: Model and teach children how to navigate through problem-solving. Show them that problems can be discussed and worked out. (I get really in depth when it comes to helping kids solve their own problems in my workshops and private sessions!)

Have fun with this! Building strong relationships comes through fun, modeling and lots of love.

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Happy parenting,