Do You Go Command-o?

Do this. Do that. Get your shoes. Clean your room. Are these phrases you find yourself saying all day long?

Maybe you have a surly teenager who doesn’t seem to listen, or a pre-schooler with a mind of their own, and you feel like giving commands is the only way to get their attention.

We want our to kids to do what we ask them, but commanding them is not the solution.

From my own experience, the dog days of summer can be a time when the urge to say commands is at its highest. My family and I recently took a trip to New York City, where the pace is frenzied and you’re wrangling everyone onto a subway.

But instead of me barking at the kids to go here and there, I went with the experience. I empowered my kids to make decisions about where they wanted to visit. I gave them choices and encouraged them to take the lead.

At the end of the day, when the kids didn’t think Adam and I could hear them, they were giggling in their shared room. At that moment, I knew why we took the family trip, and why I didn’t command them — I empowered them.

Imagine having this kind of experience with no commands and maximum family connection.

Well, you can!

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This online course is designed to easily integrate into your daily life by:
  • Focusing on one or two behaviors at a time to keep things simple
  • Putting together a solid plan and a simple script
  • Getting rid of the ‘gray areas’ so you know WHEN to use your new skills
  • Practicing ways to help you stay calm
  • Helping you realize what is age-appropriate and what’s not
  • Keeping you accountable

The best part: Once you lay in the groundwork, you won’t have to discipline as much!

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