Get Connected

Healthy relationships are the foundation of building strong families.  And building a relationship isn’t hard, in fact it should be fun!   Just take a few minutes to really connect with your children.  Find something that you both enjoy.  Watch a tv show together, share a book, play a game (video & apps count!), figure out who can make the funniest face, shoot baskets, pull out some old family photos and reminisce.  Kids don’t just want our attention, they want a deep connection. It is through these connections that happy, healthy and long-lasting relationships are built. I am often asked about Sibling Rivalry.  How can we foster that connection between siblings?  As parents, we devise a plan.  We uncover what they both like to do.  We create family memories like playing ‘make-your-own-rules volleyball’ at the park.  Or baking cookies in the kitchen.  We provide opportunities for siblings to connect.  And don’t choose the ball-field it they are both competitive baseball players, choose something that puts them on a more level playing field.  Bike rides, family nature walks or just discovering a new place together can build a connection. Relationships serve as the building blocks that help us raise more responsible, accountable and fun children.  So take a minute today to connect through smiles and hugs and shared interests.