Go To Bed Sleepy Head

I was having so much trouble getting my three-year old son to bed.  He was really working the system, trying every trick in the book.  I was at my wits end because he was waking his baby sister and causing a huge problem at naptime AND at bedtime. The implementation of the ideas you gave me at our private session has gone GREAT!  I have not met nearly as much resistance as I thought I would.  We have definitely had a lot of uh-oh time, two big flip outs, one at bedtime and one at naptime.  Luckily, neither of them were as severe or as long as I thought they would have been.  No more than 15 minutes. Sander has been telling me a lot the past couple of days how much he loves me and that I’m his favorite friend.  I feel so relieved. And, I am pretty sure you have magical powers! Missy, Mom of Two and a Graduate of Becoming a Love and Logic® Parent, Early Childhood