Henry & The Toy in Target

Today we took 3 year-old Henry to Target to get a new batman toy. He had a really good week at school, church and gymnastics so we had been promising him he could pick out a new batman to go with the set at home. We got there and Dad had told him he could choose a little batman. We stressed that this was just a small toy. (As not to reward him with huge toys every time he has good behavior.) They picked a small one out together, but then on the way down the aisle, Henry spotted a fancier one that he insisted that he needed. He started to throw a fit about keeping it. I was going to just take it from him, but Dad said, “Just let him carry it to the register.” So we did. Once we got up there, Henry placed it on the counter next to the one Dad was buying. Dad told the guy at the register what was going on (and two moms of older kids standing behind us in line told us how smart we were to do this now). Dad paid for the small batman and then Henry went to try and put the big one in the bag. The guy at the register told him he needed to pay for it. So then Dad and I asked him if he had any money, to which he replied No. Then Dad said, “Oh this is sad. Daddy said he could only buy the small batman, so if you want this one, you will have to pay for it yourself”. Well, he couldn’t pay so the man had to take it from him. Of course there were lots of tears (and lots of sympathy) but it was still much easier than wrestling the toy out of his arms in the aisle when he originally picked it out. Submitted by Amy, Henry’s Mom and a Graduate of Becoming a Love and Logic Parent, Early Childhood -Charlotte, NC