How to Make Memories, Not Plans, for July 4th

Fourth of July is around the corner. What sort of fireworks do you have planned?

Hopefully not the type of fireworks that include toddler tantrums or snarly teenagers.

I want you to have a solid plan this 4th of July that works for YOU and your family.

When it comes to making memories with the kids for Fourth of July, you’ll want everyone to be a part of the big plans.

With each Pinterest post about having the perfect July 4th, we’re made to feel like we all need to make a Cool Whip cake with blueberries and strawberries. Hint: No one has time for that. We shouldn’t let great get in the way of good.

Imagine if you could have a day with minimal planning and maximum family connection.

Well, you can! Here are a few ideas for creating lasting memories with the kids:

1)Get the kids to help plan the day. Sit down and ask the family what they want to do. Make a running list of each person’s suggestions, and then take a vote. What’s a recipe the kids are interested in? Is it making red, white and blue popsicles? Letting the kids have input into these plans means they have buy-in into the day. Leave the gardening alone and set out the sprinkler. Start your own family traditions.

2) Take an hour before the festivities to do what you gotta do. Whether that looks like meditating for 10 minutes or a run around the block, take a moment to center yourself and do something you love. This will leave you open to jumping into the kids’ pre-picked activities without wishing you were doing the thing you already did this morning. Be proactive!

3) Kick back and enter Vacation Parent Mode. Let go of throwing the “perfect” holiday in your mind and go for what feels good for the whole family. You’ll then enter the coveted Vacation Parent Mode, cool, breezy and ready to make summer memories with the kids.

There you have it. Hope your whole family gets super connected and happy for the 4th!

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