‘Living Graciously with the Chronically Rude’

I just finished Dr. Wendy Mogel’s new book, The Blessing of a B-.  It is an insightful, humorous and wise look at raising teenagers in our modern world.  The best line in the book?  Oh, it has to be a subheading:  Learning to Live Graciously with the Chronically Rude!  I think every parent needs a guide to help navigate the stormy waters of rude teenagers.  Wouldn’t we all love to know just what to say when our 15 year old tells us to ‘stick it’?  Or how to handle the infuriating rolling-of-eyes and snide ‘whatever Mom’?  If you live with a chronically rude teenager and need answers asap join me for the upcoming Teens & Tweens Love and Logic® workshop.  Click here for more information and to register.