New School Year. New Expectations.

As summer winds down and the new school year gets ready to begin it’s a great time to set expectations with your kids.  Take this opportunity to meet with your child and talk through your thoughts, concerns and expectations for the upcoming school year. Be sure to give them some choices and allow them to share their input. It’s important to let them feel like they have some control, even if it’s on your terms. Here are a few ideas:
  • Give your children a long list of age-appropriate chores. Have them select two or three chores that they prefer and you pick two or three for them to do as well. When they see that they don’t have to do the whole list they’ll feel some relief, whether they show it or not!
  • Give your child a printed ‘chore pass’ or two. Once in awhile they should just be able to say, “I’m too tired!” They can redeem their pass when they really need it.
  • Write up a contract detailing technology use. Set limits that work with your schedule and make you feel comfortable. Get input from your child. Be sure to outline consequences for non-compliance!
  • Discuss allowance. Let them know when you will pay (weekly? monthly?) and what you expect them to purchase (school lunch?) or do with their money.
  • Determine when they will do their homework. Is it right after school, before bed or after dinner? Help them get organized and set a schedule that works for everyone. Their buy-in is key.
This school year, look for ways to let your child be involved in decision-making. For more tips on getting off to a great start this school year contact me for private sessions at