No More Arguments!

Have your kids learned the fine art of how to get you to argue with them?  If they are worth their salt, then they probably have! When your kids are looking for an argument, remember this quick little tip…Don’t Engage and Don’t Argue with the Ridiculous! Learn how to neutralize your child’s arguing by using a Love and Logic® one-liner like, “I love you too much to argue.” or “Not an option.” Remember to keep your cool because most children only argue about RIDICULOUS things!  Repeat the same one-liner over and over if you need to. If your child won’t stop trying to engage you in an argument, change your location and use this line, “Hey sweetie, come find me when your voice is as calm as mine and you have something fun to talk about.” This is a great way to show your kids that you can handle them without breaking a sweat! For more information about Love and Logic check out .  For a full listing of upcoming workshops in Charlotte click on Published In South Charlotte Macaroni Kid October 7, 2010.