No More Homework Headaches

I once saw a kid perform the most incredible dead-weight drop on top of his homework. He flopped over, completely immobilized by his math homework. Unwilling to move, his mother pleaded with him in quick, slightly hysterical tones, “but you have to get your work done before practice! Honey! You can do this math, I know you can. You are so good in math.” You can imagine where this went. Mom tried to prop him up. Mom pleaded and begged. Mom, of course, got nowhere fast. This kid had total control by doing absolutely nothing! Probably even figured he could get his mom to grab the pencil and do the work for him. Instead of engaging in an argument over homework just put a Love and Logic® encforceable statement to work for you. “I’m happy to help you with that homework when you’re sitting up and ready to work.” Now you may have to say this a few times. And your child may have to miss practice. And you may have to leave the room to ensure that you stop nagging. You may even have to do this for a few days in a row but it’s certainly worth a try! For more tips on ending the homework battle contact me for private sessions at