School’s Out for the Summer!

Here are some tips to help you survive! 1. They leave their stuff ALL OVER THE PLACE! Don’t discuss the grave error of your child’s ways.  Let them know that you’ll be happy to pick anything up that’s on the floor when dinnertime rolls around.  Be sure to keep whatever you pick up.  And hey, those kids can do chores to earn their shoes back, can’t they? 2.  “But why Mom?  It’s not fair?” When kids try to drag you into an argument, just tell them calmly, “I love you too much to argue”.   Repeat as necessary. 3. “Mom, I’m Bored!” Great!  Act excited and keep a list of chores handy that kids can do when they complain of boredom!  You’ll put an end to that complaint quick. 4. Wanna keep your Cool? The more you warn your kids, the more fun the misbehavior becomes for them.  And, the more your anger escalates.  Drop the warnings, talk less, take action! 5. Need More Help? Call or e-mail me with your specific questions!