HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING NANNY 911? And did you put a little stool in the corner of your kitchen? Are you calling it the naughty chair? Oh, I hope not!

Parents are always struggling with the concept of TIME-OUT for their kids. They want desperately for their kids ‘pay’ for their mis-doings by sitting still on a tiny stool! First of all, it’s more of a punishment for you to try to keep them on the chair…and secondly I have not yet met the kid that will quietly sit on their rear-end and repent for their sins!

Thankfully, Love and Logic has a plan when it comes to time-outs! It’s called the Uh-oh technique! When Junior smacks the dog with a stick we don’t lecture, we don’t threaten, we don’t warn. We calmly say Uh-oh, pick him up and move him to his room. We send the message that their behavior is not acceptable. And the child is welcome to rejoin us when they can be sweet.

Is this always easy? No! Do kids kick and scream and put up a fight? Yes! Do we want to set limits in a loving way with our children? Of course! Does the Uh-oh technique give us this opportunity. Absolutely.

So here’s the kicker. When kids know that you’ll implement the Uh-oh technique (and your verbal cue is always Uh-oh) that’s when you’ll see their level of compliance go up! It’s a wonderful tool that makes parenting easier in the long run. To learn more about giving time-outs the Love and Logic way join me for the early childhood workshop beginning on Wednesday, October 9th. Sign up today!