We’ve Trained Our Kids Not To Listen

When I’m working with parents of teens or toddlers I hear the same thing over and over again. “My Kids Just Don’t Listen!”

I feel your pain. I’ve got two kids of my own. One of them only seems to hear the “Da-da-da – Da-da-da” of his ESPN Sports Center app.

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a client, a father of a 14 year old boy. His son didn’t listen and it had become a chronic problem, especially in the mornings.

He wouldn’t get out of bed for school, even after Dad had warned him over and over again. The warnings and reminders were never-ending. Get your shoes! Don’t forget your lunch! Get in the car!

Until Dad had enough. He just couldn’t get his son out of bed, so he pulled out the plans we had put together and decided that today was the day. He left the house without his son.

He drove to work enjoying his own music. Even put the windows down and smiled at other drivers.

But Dad was worried. What would happen when his son realized that he didn’t have a ride to school.

His son wasn’t worried at all, he couldn’t believe his luck! He didn’t think that Dad would follow through with consequences. He enjoyed his day off, caught up on Sports Center and practiced his video gaming skills for hours.

But Dad had a plan in place. When he arrived home from he was pretty empathetic. He was sad that his son couldn’t participate in any activities outside of the classroom until all of his make up work was completed, turned in and entered into Power School.

Additionally, Dad was pretty broken up that his son had a list of chores to complete as well. Dad handed him the list gently and told him to complete the tasks and that the same list would be available should he choose not to get out of bed and miss school again.

How did it END? The son asked Dad if they could order a better alarm clock. And now he actually uses it. That first week went really well. No hassles in the morning at all. Dad didn’t give any warnings or reminders.

But it wasn’t long before things started to slip. So Dad, being a smart father, placed the Chore List on top of his son’s new alarm clock. And that was a lot simpler than warning, reminding and cajoling a 14 year old boy!

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Happy parenting,
Wendy Petricoff