Yep. It’s true. Love and Logic® was originally created for the classroom. Designed for educators to help with those students who are tough to manage. You know the ones, they look for negative attention. They lean back in their chair until it tips over backwards. They mutter under their breath every time you give an assignment. They make your life really difficult. That’s where Love and Logic® can help…

How do I get a kid to be more motivated? What can I do about the one student who is the ‘leader of the pack’? Why do some kids fight me on everything I say?

Students pose all kinds of challenges through the school day. Taking the time to figure out how to handle each situation IS exhausting. And that’s why Love and Logic® for the classroom is so effective.

What can Charlotte Parenting Solutions do for Your School?

We will work on tools to help you manage disruptive kids and preserve the learning environment in your classroom. You will put together a PLAN that you can feel confident about implementing in your classroom. Sounds pretty good, huh?

What are you waiting for? Presented in four, 45 minute sessions. Teachers learn:

How to Share Control in Healthy Ways

  • Empathy
  • Relationship building
  • Easy Classroom Interventions
  • Guiding Kids to Solve their Own Problems
  • How to Neutralize Student Arguing
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

For a school proposal please contact me: or 704-905-8659.

“Your session was humorous and engaging and the strategies you presented were common sense, do-able and…they work! I have heard feedback from both parents and staff alike applauding what they have learned… and requesting more!”
-Diane, Elementary School Principal