Dinner Is Served

My 16 year old daughter Brit could never seem to make it to the table for family dinner. After attending the third class of the Love and Logic Workshop for Teens I got a great idea and decided to experiment. There she was, as usual, in her room talking on her cell-phone with the boyfriend. I said, “Dinner is served for the next twenty minutes. Feel free to join us.” I had made one of Brit’s favorite meals, knowing that she would be disappointed if she didn’t get to eat it. And, as usual Brit, came to the dinner table about a half hour later. Dinner was cleaned up. The leftovers were put into a fridge that has a lock on it. I told her, “You are welcome to make a sandwich or join us for breakfast in the morning”. She flipped-out. But she was at the dinner on-time the very next night and hasn’t been late since!! Submitted by J.B., Brit’s Mom and a Graduate of Becoming a Love and Logic Parent for Teens -Charlotte, NC