Gimme a spring Break!

I get Spring Fever every year.

I lose my focus, I buy clothes in pastels and I get obsessive about planting my garden. Kids get spring fever too and it can be totally exhausting. Bedtimes get pushed back, more sugar seems to sneak in (hello Easter candy) and we’re left with little patience to deal with the daily disasters!

We’re stressed out because we want kids to get their homework done, go to bed on time and give that salty attitude a rest! But this time of year it feels impossible.

I get it.

You need some tools to combat meltdowns when kids have to come inside from playing, manage the bedtime delay tactics and tackle the lack of focus when it comes to schoolwork and chores. The good news is…I got your back!

Stick to a sleep schedule: Look at your calendar and figure out what bedtime will really work for you, then stick to it. Notice how long the bedtime routine takes and plan accordingly. If sports schedules make getting your youngest to bed one time then…

Get Help: Call in the support system to help you keep your kids on a schedule, it’s a short term investment for a less stressful spring.

Give lots of choices: These can be simple; two choices for snack, the length of time they can play outside (30 minutes or 25 minutes), which sport they’d like to play, when they will do their homework (after school or after dinner). This takes us out of the role of ‘commanding’ kids and let’s them take control in a healthy way.

Talk About It: Have a family meeting to discuss the spring schedule with your kids. Be sure to let them have input, ask them a lot of questions and come to some agreements about ‘lights out’ time, chores and homework.

Mix Things Up. Have breakfast for dinner, eat outside, make up a new game. Sprinkle in a little fun and shake things up.

Put these ideas to work for you. And if you’re looking for more great ideas and support, I’ve got just the break you need. Join me for my online workshop Happy Parents & Thriving Kids to get ALL the strategies to you need to manage spring fever AND get set up to survive summer!

Happy parenting!